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Umbrella Fashion's Establish

Umbrella Fashion was established in September 2008 by Doan Quynh Nhi after many years of pursuing a passion for fashion and design. With a very personal style, Quynh Nhi always learns and changes the trend to create a fashion style of her own from a very young age. After many years of self-research and research, Nhi realized that the fashion market for successful women with personality, luxurious style and can wear at work that can combine to go playing and partying are still lacking in Vietnam. Umbrella was born from that.

Starting with outsourcing, shortly afterwards Quynh Nhi realized that in order to maintain all of the stringent quality requirements made by Umbrella, it was necessary to follow a separate closed process. Nhi now has a whole team of design assistants, barbers, tailors to check quality, all working closely together to create beautiful and complete fashion models such as: The current.

Nearly 14 years since its inception, from an Umbrella's store has grown into a chain of stores, and now is an online store. In the near future Umbrella will expand by franchising in the provinces in the country and internationally. We now have a team of skilled employees constantly developing and working together to create high quality costumes for modern and stylish women.